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Premium Support Programs and Benefits:

I know how important your website is to you, and how problems must be dealt with immediately, so to guarantee you’ll receive a timely response to your support emails, sign up to any of the Premium Support Services below:

General SupportUS$25/mo
Up to 3 support emails per month with guaranteed response time within 24 hours from the time the support email has been received. [sign-up]

Priority SupportUS$40/mo
Up to 5 support tickets per month with guaranteed response time within 12 hours from the time the support email has been received. [sign-up]

Customization Work – US$25 to US$100/item
Depending on the type, level of difficulty and delivery time of customization you require, customization requests can range from US$25 (easy), US$50 (average), US$75 (advanced) and US$100 (difficult.) Submit a support ticket with the details of your customization request to receive a quote for the work you require.

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  1. Hello,

    I am having a few problems with Jobberbase within my website.
    I am sure it will be a customisation job for you. Please can you email me so we can orgainse you to look through my server.

    I need this completed ASAP.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Nick Anderson

  2. followed the salary script to jobberbase 1.8, i see the salary boxes and enter the details but i don’t see it posted?

  3. I would like to have a post resume button for the applicants that is separate from applying for a specific job.

    Also, would like a rating system for jobs and canidates.


  4. Hello!
    First congratulations on the excellent work.

    Acheio the jobberbase very interesting, I just get kind of sad that the Brazilian community is still very shy, rarely found and no hacks translations to our language.

    Because of this I would like to know the value of his services as an integration would be interesting with this payment method widely used in Brazil

    I also wonder where I find the files responsible for language in backend, wanted to translate into my language and disposnilizar to the community.

    I await your contact!



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