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You can avail of the following services:

Basic Installation (2hrs) if you are having problems installing the default jobberBase on your website, I’ll take care of successfully installing jobberBase for you and make sure that all standard functionality are working.

Installation with Add-Ons (4hrs) if you purchased an add-ons and would like to have add-ons installed in your hosting, I’ll take care of successfully installing jobberBase for you and make sure that all standard functionality and add-ons are working.

Customizations I also do customizations on an hourly rate for any jobberBase requirements you might have.

Enhancement and customization
is quoted at US$60.00/hr


Code School

  1. Hi,

    I would like my header used on my job listing pages. Could you work out a number to do this.

    Thank You

  2. Hi,

    How much do you charge for template like
    Please send me offer to funyoga at

  3. Hi,

    i want this features.

    1. is it possible that only registered users can apply for jobs ?.

    Since there are no accounts on jobberbase, this is not possible
    out-of-the box. But it’s possible to extend the functionality and add
    some code that does just that.

    2. can i integrate the user database with joomla database ?

    As mentioned above, there are no user accounts in jobberbase. So you
    could use the joomla db directly, with some code in jobberbase to
    support it.

    3. can i maintain separate account for employers? ( To post jobs )

    Doable, but not out-of-the-box.

    4. need to add few fields in jobs?

  4. Hello!
    Was fascinated by this site feature and so would like to know if you can work on developing the same for our website. Please send the quote to my mail id. I just require the same functionality.
    Ali Sadhik

  5. Hi can you please email me looking to see if you do some rss posting, and does work on v1.9 ??? thanks

  6. I’m interested in learning whether you can implement a job import feature from an xml feed, such as those which are used by the multi-job board posting tools (eg Broadbean, Conkers, idibu, job mate, vacancy poster), etc?

    I’d need the add-on to be able to import jobs on a set schedule, probably by a scheduled cron job, and have the positions automatically imported into the jobberbase database.

    Is this something you can do? I don’t see any of your module options that offer this functionality.



  7. need to find out why our site works in one browser and not another. Works fine in Safari…but gives us errors in firefox. Also I need to know how much would you charge to correct some of the features like apply function.

  8. I would like to add a couple of new fields to the post a job section in the admin & also have them show up in the listing in the front end. it is a total of 10 new fields. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

    Thank You

  9. Hi,

    I need a developer, who can doing our german jobportal.

    The ideas are very exactly, the design we already have finished,
    its “only” the transfer to jobberbase.

    Paid will be with paypal.

    Please contact me

    Best regards


  10. Hi,

    I need to do some modifications in my jobberbase and you are perfecto for this. How can i contact with you?


  11. Hello

    I need some modification to the Drupal HRIS system. How can I contact you?



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