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RedJumpsuit is just an alter-ego. In real life I never wear jumpsuits at all. During the time I started creating hacks for jobberBase a little over a year ago, I have been listening a lot to the band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and so there goes the name. Since then, I have created dozens of free and paid hacks and have worked with numerous job sites looking to take their job boards to the next level.

I have enjoyed the past year and have developed increased passion for job boards and the recruitment industry. It has been a great adventure so far and new ideas still keep coming, so as long as they still keep coming, I will be here doing the stuff I totally love and dig.

My ultimate goal is to make a living doing freelancing stuff without having to keep a 9-5 job so please excuse me if sometimes I ask to get paid on the other stuff that I do, it’s how I keep having the time and availability to create other free things that most of you enjoy. :)


Code School

  1. Hello

    I’m interested on a classifieds website based on jobberbase, do you do this kind of works?

  2. Hi,

    can you hack jobberbase to import jobs via rss ( some sort of a cronjob) to populate a new site? If so I would be interested.

  3. I have jobberbase up and running on a test site of mine. However I need to have paypal added in to pay for posting. Any reccomendations. I would also like the site to act more like a freelance site…kubelance for example. This is a future add on what do you charge for these types of programming.


  4. Hi RedJumpsuit

    I am implementing a new website and i want it to have review/rating functionality.

    I see you implemented this for and was wondering what you would charge for this.

    My site is currently a localhost version jobberbase, but has been modified. We have updated the translation.ini and added some custom fields onto the .and pages.

    Please let me know if you can help.

  5. Hi RedJumpsuit,

    This is regards to my website…

    I m using jobberbase version 1.8
    Can you please tell me how can i add hyperlinks while posting jobs. I totally got irritate with textile.

    How do i make hyperlinks in job headlines to just like does?

    Please let me know if you can help.


  6. Hi Red,

    Do you mind if I call you Red?

    I just installed Jobberbase 1.9. Can you contact me about an upgrade?


  7. Hi Red,

    I was wondering if we could have a conversation on how would be best to achieve what I want out of Jobberbase. I would be interested in commisioning and paying you for the development of a payment system for jobberbase, with the idea that after development we could distribute the finished item together to recover costs and ultimately release into the open source branch once it had paid me back.

    I would like some small distinguishment between an agency and a corporate advertiser, even if it is just a field in the table somewhere.

    I would then like to offer two different payment schemes, one which would use recurring payments, mainly for agents and the other which would sell credit bundles, 1=£2.50 3=£5 10=£15 etc.

    I would be willing to be flexible on its development to suit a wide audience, but if you could give this some thought or maybe propose a different idea altogether I would like to hear it.

    Many Thanks

    Adam Mills

  8. Hi

    I am interested in using the Bundled Add-Ons for jobberBase 1.8

    Is the theme used by docopps available?

    Even the same landing page but with a UK map

    My site has an outdated look.

    However it is well ranked in google for the industry which it serves which is called

    “recruit to recruit”

    Could you give me a number / skype id where I can reach you?

    Kind regards,


  9. I was wondering when you will have a package for the major add ons for 1.98. I am itching for it and ready to pay.

  10. maybe I mean 1.9.1.

  11. As per your ad:
    Bundled Add-Ons + Backfill Script for jobberBase 1.9.1
    Bundled Add-Ons (US$99) + Backfill Script for Indeed and SimplyHired (US$99) now for the price of only US$99 in one!

    For this price can you use the download to build unlimited job sites?


    Bill Turner

  12. Hello,

    I’ve seen that you offer some script for Indeed and Simply Hired uses and I was wondering if you sell the feature separately, not with the other features for v. 1.9.

    I’m also interested in talking to you about some additional features that we are interested in developing so it would be great if we could get in touch via e-mail.

    Thanks in advance!


  13. RJ,

    do you have the company and applicant modules you wrote for 1.8 ported to 1.9.1, by any chance?

  14. I would like to use the source but I need changes.
    Can you support this?
    Thank you,

  15. Hi Redjumpsuit,

    I’m interested in Applicants and Companies management with login form and private area such as in Serious offer if price reasonable. You can contact me at my email address.

    Please reply, thanks. Rou.

  16. best RedJumpsuit

    I Bundled Add-Ons for jobberBase 1.9.1 purchased.
    Now I have a question:

    I want all new arrivals Jobs himself approved in the admin.
    So old customers with the same email address.

    Can this, or is there a mod for?


  17. Was wondering if you could implement an image adding program for my jobber base so posts can add images and what the cost would be also would like a services section where freelance workers can post thier services

  18. Hi Admin.,

    I was wondering if you are still in service? Could we do a Skype or Google+ Hangout to discuss some opportunities? I am looking for someone to help me design a job board. Please email me ASAP.


    Tina N.

  19. I know you are looking to get to $5k before releasing the “Employer and Jobseeker modules for jobberBase 1.9.1”, but will you also consider selling a copy? I’m about to venture down the path of building those and your code seems to do exactly as I need.

    Since it says it is in beta mode, I would perhaps be interested in beta testing it with you…

    Let me know.

    FYI – I am working on this project now so I don’t have time to wait for it to reach $5k (I also don’t have the money to sponsor the project either)…

  20. Hello i’m interested with RFID integration with OrangeHRM, u can help me? contact me

  21. dear developer

    i really like what i see – this seems to be a very very powerful job-board.
    i am looking for such an job-board for weeks now!

    one question: is there an option to allow adding job-adds only for paying clients?

    what is wanted is the following:

    i want to have a paid listing functionality
    i want to create custom job packages which can be purchased or redeemed during job submission. is this possible with your software – in other words:
    will your job-board accomplish this?

    or to ask it in other words: is the job board constructed more in the realm of an Applicant Tracking System OR does it allow to function as a Paid Job Board.

    love to hear from you


    above all: plz keep up the superb project it rocks and i am pretty sure that you have many many friends in the world…

  22. Are you still available? Its been years since there’s been meaningful activity here, & I’d like to buy a module.

    Is there support re: modules purchased for said modules?

    Please advise.


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