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Drupal 7 HR Employee File System

i looked extensively for a simple HR Employee File system built using Drupal and didn’t find any. so i made one.

it’s still in development but i feel good about the site to at least have it shown to people here for your criticisms.

i needed a simple HR Employee File System that will track the following:

– employee personal file
– leave request
– service request (like a mini-ticket system)
– overtime request (and whether for cash conversion or for offsetting)
– undertime request
– posting company job openings
– posting company wide announcements

my biggest challenge was keeping content secure (for content and files that are confidential) so this is where i spent most of my time on. i’ve put this thing together in 2 days.

right now there is only 1 role (human resource) for managing all the employees but later i would like to expand this to able to add supervisor role so that supervisor can also approve leaves, overtime, etc.

still on my to-do list:

– system wide notifications
– lots of theming! (i suck at this)
– export data to csv/excel for reporting

you can find the demo below:

to login: (123456) – human resource role
juan.cruz (123456) – employee
john.doe (123456) – employee

please provide feedback and recommendations! by the way i used garland as the base theme coz i like how it maximizes the screen. any other theme recommendation is also appreciated!


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