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RFID integration with OrangeHRM

From the OrangeHRM website:

OrangeHRM is the world’s most popular Open Source Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) with over 1,000,000 users globally.

If you are familiar with OrangeHRM, you will know that employees are able to punch-in/punch-out from the OrangeHRM system through their accounts. This can be pretty tedious when an employee only has a 15min break (and it will take him 3-5mins just to log back to OrangeHRM, find the link and press the timelog button.)

A simple solution was to automate the punch-in/punch-out act of the employee using an keyfob or swipe card on an RFID scanner that is connected to the OrangeHRM system.

I created a crude workaround here using that concept of a basic RFID scanner. Employees can punch-in/punch-out using a designated ID card (instead of logging into the OrangeHRM site) and their timelog goes straight to the OrangeHRM timelog as if the users have punch-in/out using their account.

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