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New Jobs Email Subscription for jobberBase v1.9.1

i recently converted the Simple Email Subscription module for jobberBase 1.8 to 1.9.1 and now calling it New Jobs Email Subscription.

Try the DEMO

here’s what this email subscription module does:

  • users can subscribe to any of the categories
  • user must confirm email address before getting notifications (to avoid bogus email addresses)
  • automatic notification will be sent to the subscriber whenever a new job is posted for that job’s category
  • on the notification sent to the subscribers, an unsubscribe link is provided in case users no longer want to receive emails for that job category
  • new jobs email alert does not get sent until the job has been approved by the admin or the job poster’s email address has been previously approved (to avoid spamming)

and here are some screenshots for you.

subscription form:


confirmation email:


email alert received:


Once you download the file, just unzip it and follow the installation instructions carefully.

NOTE: This installs on a vanilla jobberBase 1.9.1 installation using the default template. If you have done changes on your current site affecting the files included in the zip file, you must copy your changes to the files in the zip.

New Jobs Email Subscription for v1.9.1

* Please make sure to read the license agreement before making a purchase

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  1. I have installed jobber theme from

    Will this hack work with it?

  2. hi, do you give installation instructions for New Jobs Email Subscription for jobberBase v1.9.1, how complex is it to install it

  3. I tried to do this via coding using the codes but to no avail.

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