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CV/Resume Viewer for v1.9.1

does your job posters complain sometimes that they are not receiving applications that are being sent to them? how about wanting to retrieve an applicant information for the jobs posted on your website?

this simple solution is for those looking at adding the ability for their jobberBase job board’s employers/posters to view job applications online instead of relying on the email applications sent to them.

instead of just send the applicant information to the job posters, this CV/Resume Viewer for 1.9.1 will store the applicant’s basic information as well as the applicant’s resume on your website’s database. your job posters will then have access to the list of the applications sent on their jobs online through a link sent to them when they first posted the job.

Try the DEMO

A fully functioning jobberBase v1.9.1 website installation

– single link to view all job applications online
– supports pagination
– ability to download resume
– resumes uploaded are stored in a complex folder and is encoded for protection
– when the job is deleted by the admin, all related applications and resume are deleted as well

here is a screenshot:

email received:

viewing job applications:

Once you download the file, just unzip it and follow the installation instructions carefully.

NOTE: This installs on a vanilla jobberBase 1.9.1 installation using the default template. If you have done changes on your current site affecting the files included in the zip file, you must copy your changes to the files in the zip.

CV/Resume Viewer for v1.9.1

* Please make sure to read the license agreement before making a purchase

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Code School

  1. RedJump you did it again! Thank you!!!

  2. Hi

    I installed 1.9 . will those plugins work in 1.9?

  3. yes, this add-on will work with 1.9.1

    you can also check the bundled add-ons for 1.9.1 that has this and a few others:

  4. So the security for the aplications relies on the fact that the link to the applications url is so complex that it cannot be guessed? what about spiders and robots? is this secure?

    I am interested! Please explain further.



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