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TinyMCE job posting for jobberBase 1.9.1

you can now post jobs using TinyMCE and take advantage of full HTML job posting for your users.

Try the DEMO

see screenshots below:

posting jobs:


posting jobs in admin panel:


viewing jobs:


viewing jobs in admin panel:


NOTE: This installs on a vanilla jobberBase 1.9.1 installation using the default template. If you have done changes on your current site affecting the files included in the zip file, you must copy your changes to the files in the zip.

TinyMCE job posting for v1.9.1

* Please make sure to read the license agreement before making a purchase

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  1. This is great work! It’s easy to set up and works “out of the box” like expected. I just bought/downloaded/installed it today, so I didn’t make any in-depth testing – but from what I tried and see it’s great!

    I needed this not only to change some bold/italic fonts or something but I have jobpostings that come in as completely designed html pages. You jsut load up the pictures to a folder you create – change the html src tags (search & replace) and there you are: fully designed html job ads!

    Love it!

    Should be in the core jobberbase, btw. ;o)

    P.S. I’m running 1.9.1.

  2. Hi,

    Can anyone direct me to a jobberbase based website with a TinyMCE editor that works? My developer added it to my site, and it doesn’t work, and the demo version on this site doesn’t seem to work either. As yet the only place i’ve found the editor to work is as at Can anyone advise?

    Thanks & regards


  3. Hello Redjumpsuit,

    Kindly provide a direction on how to purchase/download and install the Tinymce editor to replace the Textile editor on jobberbase 1.9 (also let me know if it is compatible with 1.9 which I currently run as you have indicated it is 1.9.1 before I can purchase)

    NB: Explain on compatibility with jobber 1.9 version

    I have checked the link at here but don’t know how to buy.

    Best Regards.

  4. Hello,
    I just downloaded the TinyMCE job posting for jobberBase 1.9.1
    But it is not working for my website( any one of the developers be able to fix that for me


  5. Dear Madam, dear Sir,
    I bought you “jobberBase 1.9.1 with upgraded features” for 49$ yesterday, but for now I just would like to install the “TinyMCE job posting” part.
    Can you tell me which files to upload only, please ?
    Or could you just send me the single “TinyMCE job posting” Zip package, so I can direct see what files to upload ? As I already bought it, it should be no problem, please ?
    Thank you, best regards,

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