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Online Job Manager for jobberBase 1.9.1

how would you like to allow your job posters to be able to manage their jobs online, and not just through the emails sent to them? took a while before i was able to put together this script, but it’s finally done! i have been playing how to write this code on my mind probably since i began writing hacks for jobberBase. i’d actually consider it an ultra-lite version of company/employer login add-on.

Try the DEMO

manage jobs page:


email received:


features include the following:

  • job poster does not need to register for an account
  • no need to login
  • no forgetting passwords
  • can manage (edit or delete) older posted jobs without accessing the job’s email
  • job poster only needs the most recent email received when his/her job was posted
  • will not affect any of your customizations
  • supports pagination as well

this hack is a sort of workaround so that people would no longer need to keep their old publish job confirmation just so they can edit or deactivate their jobs, the most recent publish email would be enough to access all the job poster’s previous job ads (where the job poster used the same email address to post.)

Once you download the file, just unzip it and follow the installation instructions carefully.

NOTE: This installs on a vanilla jobberBase 1.9.1 installation using the default template. If you have done changes on your current site affecting the files included in the zip file, you must copy your changes to the files in the zip.

Online Job Manager for v1.9.1

* Please make sure to read the license agreement before making a purchase

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