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RSS Feed content aggregation

phnews here is a another implementation of jobberBase (1.8) for a different purpose than a job board. it aggregates news content from various news websites every few minutes and automatically posts them on the site. news cycles every 2 days so people only see fresh content. the template i used is a wordpress theme that was converted to jobberBase. this is a very skimmed down version as i am only using home and category modules for the front page.

this module can be used for many different projects other than news or job board, as it is using the standard RSS feed format.


Code School

  1. Thanks for your hard work. I have one question: why do you keep working on 1.8 while 1.9 has been out for quite a long time?

  2. because 1.8 is far more stable than 1.9, that’s why

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