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jobberBase Meetup Hong Kong

Calling everyone in Hong Kong/Macau/China area that are running jobberBase job board sites and are interested in a small meetup. I will be in Hong Kong from Nov 18 to 22 and I am willing to spend half a day to meet anyone who is interested to come out and discuss jobberBase.

As far as I know, this will be the first jobberBase meetup ever! :) (at least in Asia)

Meetup will ideally be on Nov 19th. Please suggest venue, best time to meet and jobberBase topics you want to discuss.

If interested in the meetup, please sign up here:

See you guys there!

There will be another meetup, most-likely in Singapore…still have to plan the dates. I’ll let you guys know!

This is not the “official” jobberBase meetup, in case you start asking. I don’t know of any official jobberBase meetup so far…this is more of a personal effort to connect with other jobberBase enthusiasts in Asia.


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  1. Wow a shame I missed this! I am also running a Jobberbase board and am in Asia:

    Hopefully can attend the meetup in Singapore :-)

  2. i just gonna to build a job board website using jobberbase, now i’m testing it, nice to meet you´╝üespecially someone who use jobberbase in China.

  3. Any planned meetups in the Philippines? I can help in arranging. :-)

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