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Backfill your job board with Indeed and SimplyHired

This feature is no longer supported.

If you have other job aggregators you want to backfill your job board (i.e. CareerJet, Yahoo! HotJobs, etc. as long as there is available valid XML/RSS feed from the job site), you can contact me for separate customization work.

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  1. I would like to recommend that Trovit be an option alongside Indeed and SimplyHired for backfilling. :)

  2. The API will allow you to enhance the user experience on your site while generating revenue. We have a significant volume of sponsored inventory, our terms are generous, and we pay our partners on a monthly basis. Feel free to shoot me an email or you can create a Publisher ID and access our API by creating an account at

  3. I would like to have my 1.9.1 jobberbase backfilled with not za. is their SA site I have I would also like to have done as well with their job ads there are 4 in sa cape town , durban,eastern cape , johannesburg please let me know what you can do have a look at my site first I am also interseted in your Employer and Jobseeker Add-Ons login pack as well as paypal what can you do for me

  4. Hello,

    I am interested on this. Do you have any demo sites using this?


  5. Please provide demo of above module.

  6. Hello,

    Did anyone try this? Does it work?


  7. I am trasitioning into jobber. Do you have an example.
    Im ready to plunk down the cash if I can see it running.

  8. Hi,
    Please Provide the DEMO.

    We need this module.

  9. there is no online demo, but you can see the sites using the backfill add-on

  10. Thanks! This product is fantastic.
    I have had great interactions with the author, support and a good working product.
    I would strongly recommend.

  11. If i buy these 2 products:
    1. Is the decembre offer still available (or is the price even lower ;-))?
    2. Will i get a free upgrade whenever Jobberbase 2 will be released?

  12. sale ended in december, it’s back on the original pricing.
    yes there will be free upgrade for upcoming jobberBase versions

  13. Can you use this add on with a webcron service like mywebcron if you do not have cron facilities with your host?

  14. Hello Sir , I am interested for this , plz let me know the good price for that.
    Also i want to see the real job in first row than on bottom the backfill jobs.
    Waiting for your replay


  15. When you say “add a cron job”, does that mean you have added a schedule page plus the script for jobberbase 1.9.1 and I schedule the cron job? Or is this just the script and I need to create the cron job? And to be sure, this will grab the latest jobs in their rss feeds to be added to the database every time the cron job is run, correct? Thanks! Love jobberbase!

  16. Hi I want some help with customization of the xml feeds to backfill the jobs.

  17. hi

    it gives a error when the cron job runs.

    [config.php] Cannot determine APP_MAIN_DIR, please set manual and comment this line

    plz help?

    Thanks!Love jobberbase!


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