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What changed in jobberBase v1.9?

i’m a little out of the loop and jobberBase v1.9 has actually already come out a few days ago. i’m sure everyone’s question now is, “how can we actually migrate to the new version?”

well, here’s the first step to answering your question…know what files were changed from the last version and the new one! i don’t really have time to enumerate the files one by one and tell you what changed, what’s new or what disappeared. so instead here’s a screenshot for your reference. the changes are indicated by colors:

black = nothing has changed
red = file was changed in the new version

blue = new file that did not exist in the previous version

this should help guide you migrating your code from previous version to the new one. do let me know if you did find this useful!

the config file (config.php) was moved on its own folder

the root folder

the includes folder

the templates folder

note that aside from the default template, hireme theme was also included in this release.

the cron job was moved to its own folder

the js uploads api folder

the admin folder

the admin js folder

the admin templates folder

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  1. What kind of software that you use for compare that? Look usefull

  2. the software is called Beyond Compare. you can search about it online.

  3. Dear RedJumpsuit,

    I need some customizations for 1.9.1 version

    can you reach me (skype, mail, …) ? thus we’ll talk about my project and your ask to do it.

    Thank you a lot

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