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Send Email Activation to Job Posters

here’s a quick and easy way to send your first time job posters their own activation email links:

on /_includes/class.Postman.php, update the function

public function MailPublishPendingToUser($poster_email) {

to this

// Send mail to user when posting first time (thus the post needs to be moderated)
    public function MailPublishPendingToUser($poster_email,$id=false,$auth=false)
        $msg = "Hello! :)\n\n";
        $msg .= "We apologize for the inconvenience, but since this is the first time you post with this e-mail address, we need to manually verify it.";
        if (isset($id) && $id > 0)
            $msg .= "\n\nVerify Ad: " . BASE_URL . "activate/" . $id . "/" . $auth . "/";
            $msg .= "\n";
        $msg .= "\nThank you for your patience, as the ad should be published ASAP. We'll send you an e-mail when that happens!";
        $msg .= "\n\nFrom now on, every ad you post with this e-mail address will instantly be published.";
        $msg .= "\n\n---\n\nThank you for using our service!\nThe Team";
        $subject = "Your ad on " . SITE_NAME;
        if ($poster_email != '' && validate_email($poster_email))
            $mailer = $this->getConfiguredMailer();
            $mailer->SetFrom(NOTIFY_EMAIL, SITE_NAME);
            $mailer->Subject = $subject;
            $mailer->Body = $this->nl2br($msg);
            $mailer->AltBody = $msg;

and on /page_publish.php, update this line


to this


this will send the first time job poster a link to activate his own ad.

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