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Simple Themes Pack for jobberBase v1.8

I came out with a Simple Grey Theme back in May and have seen many sites using the theme since then. This time, I am offering a similar theme but now with six different color selections and corresponding images put together in one themes pack. The only folders you need to change on your theme to use any of the themes in this pack is your ‘css’ and ‘img’ folders.

Note: This is for jobberBase 1.8, however since this is only updating css and img folders, this can easily be converted to v1.9

Below are the themes included in this Simple Themes Pack for jobberBase v1.8:







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Code School

  1. hi, the theme only includes updating the CSS and image files, no code will be replaced, so this will not have any effect even if jobberBase upgrades. the CSS and image files could easily be modified.

  2. great theme, do you haev tutorial to change the css?

  3. Thanks but..I can’t download them? Pressing the download button only moves me upwards, to the intro.

  4. Hi admin, where is the download link ?????????

  5. How do I buy anything here?


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