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Replace Textile with NicEdit

check out NicEdit –

setup was no brainer and it’s lightweight (no humongous code) and fuss-free (on the front-end), still working out few glitches to make it work on the admin but gots real good potential.

holler back if you figure out making it work in the admin panel!

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Code School

  1. Where should i add the two line javascript?

  2. add it on the header tpl between the < head > tag just like all the other js files

  3. Great Mod!! added to both the header.tpl and must remember to add the literal tags

  4. Hi, I included the 2 lines of JS code to the header.tpl but when I try to post a job, there doesnt seem to be any nicedit editor values.

    Can someone provide a screenshot or a sample header.tpl for me to look at?

  5. Think I’ve got it. My issue was that I edited the header.tpl thats in the template, but when I posted jobs (as the admin) I could not see the Nicedit toolbar. By editing the header.tpl thats located under the admin/template folder, I’m able to see the Nicedit toolbar.

    Very cool

  6. Oh great, joy is shortlived, when I save the job that has Nicedit in the header.tpl, the job is saved unformatted, and now I’ve had to go on and remove the JS from the header.tpl.

    Anyone facing this too?

  7. hi there, since the textile formatting strips off all the html tags, you will need to edit the files:


    look for Textile formatting in those files and remove them

  8. What should I do with these 2 files below?


    How do I remove / comment out the textile formatting, since textile has me pretty much going nuts.

  9. I’m still trying to get NiceEdit to work, but as mentioned in the above message, so far no luck. Any wiki’s or steps available?

    Thank you in advance

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