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  1. Hi,

    The add-ons look great. I would be interested in checking out the demo but on the Company

  2. Hi,
    i am interested in buying this mod, but the version i am using is 1.7 and also i have lot of data in it, Can the above mods be applied to 1.7 if not will upgrading risk my data if i just upload the new files(1.8) and don’t manipulate the database,

    Can you help install these mods


  3. Hi I sent a support ticket a couple of days ago without a reply, still I know it is difficult as you are working full time, like me!

    Basically I want to buy the above pakage but I wanted to split the cost over a couple of months, as I am doing this in my spare time and what with having to take a cut in salary has not helped.

    PS Do I need the product listing package to be able to upload a company logo?

  4. Hello,

    Do you plan a new version on the 1.9 base ?



  5. Hi,

    But this is a modified jobberbase version or have I to have an existent jobberbase installation and AFTER adds your add-ons?


  6. hi

    Do you have a version for 1.9? I would be grateful if you can contact me.


  7. Hi, I would like to buy this add-on if the cost can be covered over a couple of months thanks.

  8. Hi – Unfortunately the Paypal button isn’t working and I am VERY interested in purchasing this. Can you let me know if this is still available thanks


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