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i am closed to wrapping up a customization job for a swiss job site and i have to say i had a lot of fun doing it!

basically, what i did for the site were the following:

– when posting jobs, dynamically load cities based on the country of choice
– when viewing jobs per category, there is an option to view by job type or by city
– option to upload photo when posting a job (when photo on the job is clicked, it will show all the jobs of the company)
– option for job seeker to send not just resumes but their photo as well (and added some other fields)
– option to indicate when the job starts (immediately or after agreement) or provide a specific date when desired
– more customized job alerts function (by job type, category, city)
– display most popular searches (search keywords cloud) with filtering ability (exclude search result with bad/foul words) <- this one's my favorite! it gave me the chance to work on new things i haven't thought of before and lengthened my grasp on how many other features and functionality you can add on top of jobberBase. there's another one being wrapped up soon (job site based in MA), which is another uber-customized jobberBase that I also had so much fun doing. when it's completed, i will post some of the unique things we did on the site. so far the people i have worked with come up with really great features and ideas for a job site! new things always excite me!

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