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Admin Newsletter for Employers

this is a premium script and is a spin-off of the customization i previously created called simple email subscription. while the other was for applicants and job seekers, this customization is for jobberBase-powered site administrators to be able to send newsletters or announcements to its employers, recruiters or anyone who has posted a job on the site. here are the list of features:

  • select whether to send a newsletter or an announcement
  • send your message to distinct job poster emails (no duplicate)
  • admin receives a copy of the messages sent to job posters
  • job posters are automatically subscribed to the mailing list
  • employers or job posters can unsubscribe anytime

and here are some screenshots for you:

Link to the Newsletter in Admin
Required fields to send the newsletter or announcement
Filled-Up form
Newsletter successfully sent
Email received by job posters


Code School

  1. Looks good…a couple questions…
    1. Is there a way to archive/save newsletters? (for example, for resending)

    2. Is there a CMS for “News Type” options so options can be added/deleted/edited?


  2. Please email me about this. I am very interested. I would also need the export email functionality.


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