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Applicant Login System for jobberBase 1.7

i’ve been meaning to wrap up the applicant login system i started ever since i completed the company login system a while back. i have put it off far too long that i might just lose interest altogether. so this weekend i pulled myself together and sat down and just try to finish this customization.

you’ll see a working demo of the system here:

and some screenshots here:



applicants can:

  • create an account
  • upload/delete resume (secured)
  • edit/activate/deactivate/delete profile
  • view applied jobs
  • recover/change password
  • subscribe to category email alerts
  • apply instantly to a job

admin can:

  • search for applicants
  • view applicant uploaded resumes
  • deactivate and remove applicants
  • send email alerts to category subscribers for new jobs

to access the admin account, login to:

username: admin
password: admin

New version is here


Code School

  1. nice I really like it looks better than the jobberbase pro login

  2. It adds a new layer to jobberbase pro, I’d say (though apparently this will also be added to the pro version).

    I like it too. Nice that the applicants can keep track of what they’ve applied to and are notified if they have already applied. Also seems to work quite robustly from my initial tests.

    A couple of ideas:
    * it would be nice if the admin could edit applicants details if need be
    * maybe I missed it, but how does one see the applicants postings from the front end (and are the names masked)?
    * how often are category e-mail alerts sent out? I created a test applicant, subscribed to designer, changed an existing job to the designer category, then created a new job in the designer but have not (yet) received a mail. Maybe it will arrive later…

    Otherwise looks promising and adds useful functionality for job seekers.

  3. Compliments to you! Taking JB a step further and, I agree with Jack, better than Pro. Any info on price and timepath?

  4. Wow !!! Price?

    Otherwise i try to send you a mail (request) with an attachment, but you support don’ t it.
    Can you please send me your email?

  5. Hi, the code has been tested and is now ready for distribution 😉

    For Multi-Use and Developer License, please contact me at myredjumpsuit [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. hi jakob, to answer your questions…

    1. right now the applicants can edit their profile, the admin can either deactivate or delete the profile should he chose to.
    2. applicant resumes are not posted at all in the front page 😉 they are only viewable/downloadable to the companies they applied at
    3. the email alerts are manually sent from the admin, i know this is better if the email is automatically sent, but based on the feeback i received, admins would rather have control over what gets sent and not

    hope this answered your questions 😉

  7. Hi, I am running jobsite jobberbase version 1.9.. will this features support 1.9… if Yes how can I buy? and Price Please..

  8. this feature only currently works for v1.8

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