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jobberBase Pro now available!

jobberBase Pro has been discontinued. Click here for the alternative solution.


based on the jobberBase website, it looks like the Pro version is now available for purchase and download. check out the Pro link here:

the Pro version includes the following new features:

  • Employer accounts
  • Payment integration
  • Resumes management

and is being sold at $199/license/domain

jobberBase’s twitter also shows that the demo (for the Pro version i assume) is now up. however, upon trying the available demo, it looks like it has just been upgraded to v1.7, i am still yet to see a working demo of the Pro version!


the Pro demo just came out. it’s at:

and here are my preliminary observations:


  • UI looks pretty much the same as v1.7 except for the new link “employer sign-up”
  • spotlight jobs title was changed to “recommended jobs”
  • when applying for jobs, there looks like anti-spam already (math captcha) although it looked pretty static (the numbers are not changing?) not sure if that’s intentional or what

employer/company section

  • when posting jobs, the fields name, website and email address are not being asked anymore
  • employers register by providing their email address and password
  • from the inside they can post a job, buy credits, update your profile (including uploading your company logo) and change password
  • when you buy a credit you will be redirected to the paypal payment page
  • one credit can post one job ad
  • when viewing your job ad from the employer login, it looks that you can see who has applied on your jobs


  • three extra links for “companies”, “credit packages” and “cv/resumes”
  • editing jobs is basically the same as 1.7
  • on the companies link, it looks that you can view the company and de-activate the company
  • on “credit packages” you can set-up the types of credit you want to make available for purchase (i wonder if you can tie the credit to the type of post they want to make? say for full-time a different credit, also for part-time, freelance and if you want to add other job types)
  • on “cv/resumes” you can view/download applicant cvs
  • the rest of the admin page is very similar to v1.7

i know this is just a demo and the actual application could be significantly different than what i just saw. still, i can’t wait to get my hands on the real thing!

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