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Simple Email Subscription

i just finished wrapping up a Simple Email Subscription module for jobberBase. here’s what the simple email subscription does:

  • users can subscribe to any/all of the categories
  • notification will be sent whenever a new job is posted for that job’s category
  • on the notification sent to the subscribers, an unsubscribe link is provided in case users no longer want to receive emails for that job category
  • admin has the option to choose to send an email for that job to all its category’s subscribers
  • once notification has already been sent, the button to send the notification will be disabled (to prevent spamming your subscribers)

and here are some screenshots for you:

Subscription Form

Confirm Sending Subscribers Notification

Notification Sent

Email Received by Subscribers

UPDATE: This has already been converted to jobberBase 1.9.1, check it here:

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Code School

  1. Hello,

    I’m interested by this functionality.

    How can I get it?

  2. hi, there is a paypal button at the end of the post 😉

  3. Hi,

    Do you know if this will work with version 1.7?



  4. hi jordan, yes this works for v1.7 as well as for v1.6!

  5. Thanks admin!

    One last thing, have you had any luck with pro yet? I assume it is the same as 1.7. I know pro isnt out yet (maybe today) but I thought developers might get their hands on an early copy.



  6. hi, not yet. everyone is still anxiously waiting. i’ll post about it as soon as i heard it comes out! i am waiting too 😉 in the mean time, i do my best to come up with something interesting for the jobberBase community.

  7. How about making it automated?

    User subscribe to a category and when a new ad is published, the mail is sent out to its subscribers..

    I think the delay that occurs when admin needs to manually activate the advertisement will be a problem to some..

  8. hi, this can be automated for sure 😉 just need a little tweaking on the code!

  9. Hi,

    I buy it as soon the mail is sent automatically to suscribers…I can’t imagine clicking one hundred time every night to make it work :)

  10. hi, there is already an automated version of this that several people have already been using. contact me by email if you are interested.

  11. Hi,

    I am currently running a community with a member base of over 34,000.

    I am considering installing jobberbase because the users are continuously publishing jobs…

    I am interested in allowing email subscription. However, it does not work in our sector if you send an email every time someone publishes an ad. The ads have to be grouped together (by state…) and sent to the users the morning after. They can always check them on the site anyway.

    So in the morning, they check their email, and if interested, then they click and go to the site to apply for it. The settings could include daily subscription, weekly or monthly.

    Could this be possible? Have you got your email subscription running on any site, so I can try it out?


  12. hi tom, the email could be sent manually (as the original design, the admin clicks the mail button before a mail could be sent to the recipient) however, as the name denotes, it is just a simple email subscription module added to jobberBase and is limited to whatever your domain/hosting caps your email sends a day. this isn’t at par with mailing list systems such as phplist etc.

  13. How can i buy any of this hacks?

  14. Hi,
    I want the Simple Email Subscription plugin for v 1.8 and automated version when ever jobs posted in Category it need to go Everybody subscribed for that Category .

  15. hi, i can help you with this. job postings are automatically sent to the email subscribers already for the newer version.


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