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Billing Manager – Free Online Invoicing

a couple of people started asking for invoices on the work that i’ve done for them and i was looking for an online invoicing program to use. i’ve looked at some but can’t find anything that i like or i feel comfortable using. i tried cashboard before but never really got into it. anyway, so today i found one that i think i’ll be using for a long time! introducing…

Billing Manager by Intuit

i signed up and was able to set-up my account in no time. i was also able to create and send client invoices and record payments against the invoices. uber cool! this is the kind of online application that truly makes a difference! 😉

if i have done any work for anyone here who are requiring an invoice from me, just let me know and i’ll be happy to send you your invoice!

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  1. I would skip all the free services and would advice SimpleInvoices. It’s open source and you run it on your own server. No ads, multiple companies and easy to setup and use.

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