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3 New Things for SLSfC (w/o PayPal)

today i added 3 minor updates to SLSfC (w/o PayPal) based on a request of a client which i thought would be a nice addition to the existing script:

  • Delete Company Accounts (admin)
  • View Company’s Last Login (admin)
  • View Company’s Total Number of Posts (admin)

everyone who has gotten the SLSfC (w/o PayPal) code are entitled to the updates (i’ve already sent the updated version to jB v1.7 plus the 3 new stuff i’ve just added) if you purchased SLSfC (w/o PayPal) before and have not received an update yet, kindly send me an email!

PS. SLSfC (w/o PayPal) is still US$25-OFF!!!

See the post about it here:

SLSfC w/o PayPal
US$100.00 US$75.00
Code will be sent once payment is confirmed.

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