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jobberBase 1.7 is out!

so i had to get my hands wet with jobberBase v1.7 that came out some 15hrs ago. i’m sure a lot of people are gonna be interested to see what changes to expect in the new version.

these are the things you will see changed right off the bat:

  • new: db folder to build tables is now on the app root folder when you unzip it
  • new: control the application interval limit per IP address using the config file (sounds similar to the mod i did before)
  • new: post a job (admin)
  • new: add/edit cities (admin)
  • new: number of views per ad on the jobs list (admin)

i am also planning to do a code-by-code comparison of v1.6 and v1.7 when i have some time to those who are interested to know more up to that detail/level. this will help a lot when upgrading from the last version to the new one.

visit the official website or the jobberBase google code page to download jobberBase 1.7!


Code School

  1. it’ll be interesting to see how much 1.7 has evolved over 1.6!

  2. I am waiting for your review …
    From what i have seen on my localhost 1.7 there are not important changes.
    I was expecting company login and more features in admin interface.

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