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i am doing some revamp on the SLSfC and if anyone is interested to try it out.

the demo site is:

the admin account can be accessed at:

username: admin
password: admin


when jobs are posted the first time (you need to provide a legit email address if you want to see the notifications sent), an account will be created for the user (right now it’s set to auto-approve accounts but this can be changed at the config.php file if the accounts need approval – for example, if by subscription), the user will be notified of the account and the login information where they can login. from there they can manage their posts, post new jobs, update their company profile, and change password. the link for companies to manage their account is at:

SLSfC w/o PayPal
US$100.00 US$75.00 (Single-Use License)
Please read the license agreement before making a purchase


Code School

  1. wow, looks good : )

  2. Hi, very nice and simple!

  3. hi, the next release of the script will have paypal integrated with it. my first time to work on a paypal integration so it’s taking some time. but for people who doesn’t really need paypal integration and just wants the ability to have a simple company login so that their job posters will have the ability to manage their ads through the web (and not just the emails), this will be released as is.

  4. Looks like I got in too late. Any updates on this?

  5. I look forward to it. Thanks for that

  6. hey, what about building true subscription models? then it starts getting interesting for me…

  7. I like it but its too expensive for its simplicity
    I would defiantly buy it but not for 100 bux

  8. Hi is it possible to add a function that allows us in the admin area to see employers last login and how many jobs they have posted with us? This way we can target them for advertising on the site if the have 20-50-100 jobs posted. ya know?

  9. hi, this is already implemented in the new version of SLSfC (for v1.7) :)

  10. Maybe someone changed the admin password… I can’t access the demo right now… That’s too bad you did just start an email campaign… Maybe you can just provide screenshots of what the recruiter sees once loggedin?

  11. hi, i’ve reset all the admin passwords back to admin. someone did change the password of the logins.


  1. Applicant Login System for jobberBase 1.7 | RedJumpsuit (Non-Apparatus)

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