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Create Sub-Categories

jobberBase is said to be a single-industry job board, but do you know that adding the capability to add Sub-Categories actually eliminates this very limitation? With this you can extend jobberBase to any industry job board! That’s cool huh? 😉

This is now part of the 4 Major Add-Ons.

Below are the screenshots of what to expect from this customization:


Posting a job


Submitting a job post


Job posts in a category


Job posts in a category's sub-category


Sub-categories in Admin


Code School

  1. Very nice improvement!

  2. Just curious to know if this script is free or not? from the title “Promo: Get Sub-Categories script free!” it seems to be free, but somehow, don’t find the url to download it.


  3. hi, if you read the post, it was free if you sign up for 3-month premium general support but now you can just purchase the code straight with the link provided on the post.

  4. Hi Sir,

    I want to buy this addon : Sub categories. But when i click on the Buy now button i get the error : PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller’s website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem.

    Please provide the alternate payment method or fix this buy now immediately.

    Awaiting your reply.


  5. Hi, the sub-categories script is now part of the 4 major add-ons for v1.8:


  6. I need the sub-categories script for 1.9.1…any idea when that will be available for purchase?

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