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Allow Online Applications

in case you didn’t know, jobberBase actually already has the provision for whether or not to allow online applications. that’s why this mod was a lot easier to work on compared to starting from scratch. anyway, without further ado…




open up /_templates/publish-write.tpl and look for the block

<fieldset class="hidden">
	<input type="checkbox" name="apply_online" id="apply_online" checked="checked" />
	<input type="hidden" name="action" {if $ || $smarty.session.later_edit}value="edit"{else}value="publish"{/if} />
	{if $smarty.session.later_edit}<input type="hidden" name="auth" value="{$smarty.session.later_edit}" />{/if}
	{if $}<input type="hidden" name="job_id" value="{$}" />{/if}

from this block, cut this line:

<input type="checkbox" name="apply_online" id="apply_online" checked="checked" />

still on the publish-write.tpl file, above the line:

<fieldset><input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="{$translations.publish.step1_submit}" /></fieldset>

add this:

<fieldset><input type="checkbox" name="apply_online" id="apply_online" {if $job.apply_online == 1}checked="checked"{/if}{if !isset($job.apply_online)}checked="checked"{/if} /> <strong>Allow online applications</strong></input></fieldset>

now open the file on the root folder called page_write.php, look for the following blocks (there are 2 instances)

if ($poster_email == '')
	$errors['poster_email'] = $translations['jobs']['email_error'];

below the 2 instances of this block, add the following:

if (isset($apply_online) && $apply_online == 'on')
	$apply_online = 1;
	$apply_online = 0;

and the last file to modify is /_includes/class.Job.php.

look for the public function Create($params) and public function Edit($params) and in these functions, update the line

if ($params['apply_online'] == 'on')


if ($params['apply_online'] == 1)

now every time someone posts a job, the poster will have an option whether to allow online applications or not.

a future enhancement to this mod can be, when the job poster unchecks the “Allow online applications”, it will give an option (probably a text box) with a “How to apply” instructions.


some users reported as having issues with this hack when the ad gets edited and the check doesn’t retain. so here’s a small fix:

1) add this block on page_write.php

if (isset($apply_online))
     $smarty->assign('is_apply', $apply_online);

before the last line

$template = 'publish-write.tpl';

2) then open the template file /_templates/publish-write.tpl and change this line:

<input type="checkbox" name="apply_online" id="apply_online" {if $job.apply_online == 1}checked="checked"{/if}{if !isset($job.apply_online)}checked="checked"{/if} />

to this line

<input type="checkbox" name="apply_online" id="apply_online" {if $job.apply_online == 1 || $is_apply == 1}checked="checked"{/if}{if !isset($job.apply_online) && !isset($is_apply)}checked="checked"{/if} /><strong>{$translations.publish.apply_online}</strong></input>


Code School

  1. Thanx this works!

  2. Thanks so much for this!

  3. This mod is really a good one, is there a possibility of having this in jobberbase 1.7 admin job post or edit pages?

  4. Hy, i think there is a bug inside this mod!

    Because,if i want to edit my ad and now i deactivate “allow online application” there is a errormessage called:

    Notice: Undefined variable: apply_online in /home/gastrojo/public_html/page_write.php on line 189

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/gastrojo/public_html/page_write.php:189) in /home/gastrojo/public_html/_includes/function.redirect_to.php on line 30

    any fix for this???

    thanks a lot for help

  5. Unchecking Allow Online Applications always result in above error. Though the job gets done, the error does not go away. Please fix the code.

  6. please read the instructions carefully. there is a part of the script that should be applied twice. i just followed this tutorial as is and didn’t run into any problems

  7. Yeah got it, thanks. It was my mistake. Btw how to implement it for jobs posted via admin?

  8. Hello there,

    First, thanks for all the hacks!

    Unfortunately, I’m also writing to say I just tried this one twice and ran into problems. In my website, every job needs to be approved (I used your hack). But when I use the Apply online hack, sometimes the message after posting is green and says the job has been listed right away (it never says that without this hack). When this happens, in the e-mail to the poster and to the admin, if you want to click to de-active it or view the ad, it’s like the job wasn’t posted.

    This happened both for a new poster and for a frequent poster. What is strange also is that it doesn’t happen every time. But it did happened with both the apply online function checked and unchecked.

    So I am a bit confused.


  9. Hello again,

    I ended up removing the hack “Require Approval for every Job” and now this hack works well. So I will keep it this way for now.


  10. I added it, but it seems to default back to leaving the box checked.

    I uncheck the box. Proceed with Verifying the add, but despite the fact that I unchecked the box, the option to apply online remains intact.

    When I open up the ad to edit it, the box is checked. I uncheck it. Save it. People can still apply online. When I go back to edit, the box is somehow checked again.

  11. check the post again, i just updated it with a fix!

  12. Thanks for the speedy response. I added both both bits of code.

    I’m still getting the same issue. If I go back and edit a published entry and uncheck “Allow Online Applications”, when I save changes it still reverts to allowing online applications.

  13. I just applied the allow online applications hack and didn’t run into any problems, thanks a lot!! :)

  14. This hack is now included in Jobberbase 1.8 version.


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