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SLSfC + Subscription/Credits

Hi, so I have been working on the subscription/credits portion of SLSfC and it’s close to being done. I am thinking if I should include this on the standard package or if this should come as an add-in.

The subscription/credits module will update the client account (using their unique email address) to indicate whether they are in subscription mode or will be using credits so they can post an ad and for how long. The maintenance script in Jobberbase will handle cleaning up past-due accounts and will give the client option to renew when desired.

Screenshot of the Subscription/Credit module will be available this week.


Code School

  1. I am sure I speak for a number of Jobberbase users when I say “bring it on!” I have been fiddling with just such an enhancement to JB, but I know you are much farther along.

    JB is so excellent in many ways–what is missing is a profile/login mechanism for both jobseekers and employers.

    Patiently waiting, with mouse ready to click on Paypal,

  2. Hi , that sounds great. when will this system come out?
    does this embed the paypal solution?

  3. Howdy, Jumpsuit. Just checking in on SLSfC+Credits…

  4. My weekly check-ini on the SLSfC+Credits project…hellooooo, ‘Jumpsuit…

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