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Simple Login System for Companies (SLSfC)

This has been deprecated and was replaced by jobberBase v1.8 w/ 4 Major Add-Ons


Hi everyone,

This week, I will be releasing SLSfC for Jobberbase as a package that people can buy and install themselves. It will have the same directory structure as the Jobberbase v1.6 code base but only including the files that have been added or updated. All updates to the original code are commented, so if you have experience with Jobberbase this should be easy to install. Also, a list of all updated and added files is compiled for easier integration.

Keep checking the website back!

In the meantime, you may demo Jobberbase+SLSfC here:

Homepage –

Admin –
Username: admin
Password: password

Email Notifications –
Username: test
Password: 2wsx!qaz

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  1. I will rather make it as a donations where, to keep the philosophy of Open source and improve the development, I think it’s just too early to start asking people to pay for addon that can improve jobberbase.

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