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Display Total # of Applications, Jobs and Companies

this is a merged script for displaying total number of applications sent through the site, how many active jobs and how many different companies are on your site.

so let’s start. on page_home.php, add:

// get companies
$sqlc = 'SELECT DISTINCT company FROM jobs WHERE is_temp = 0 AND is_active = 1 ORDER BY company ASC';
$resultc = $db->QueryArray($sqlc);
$smarty->assign('companies_count', count($resultc));
// get total applications
$sqlja = 'SELECT COUNT(id) FROM job_applications';
$rsja = $db->QueryItem($sqlja);
$smarty->assign('total_applications', $rsja)

and on /_templates/home.tpl, add

<center><h4>now serving <b>{$jobs_count_all|number_format:0:"":","}</b> jobs from <b>{$companies_count|number_format:0:"":","}</b> different companies with a total of <b>{$total_applications|number_format:0:"":","}</b> job applications processed</h4></center>


Code School

  1. great add on

  2. Typo error…in code of page_home.php, you forgot ; in last line of code.

  3. Hi, you did not specify where exactly to place tthe code in the php file and tpl files.

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