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Allow Social Bookmarking on Jobs

first, download this social bookmarking image then save it on your /img folder.


then on /css/screen.css, add anywhere:

#socialjob {
background:url(../img/socializer.png) no-repeat;
#socialjob a {
text-decoration: none;
#socialjob a:hover {
text-decoration: none;
background-color: transparent
.sociallink {

on /page_job.php, add before $template = ‘job.tpl’;

$joburl = BASE_URL . 'job/' . $id . '/' . $info['url_title'] . '/';
$jobtitle = ucwords($info['title']);
$smarty->assign('socialurl', $joburl);
$smarty->assign('socialtitle', $jobtitle);

and on /_templates/job-details.tpl, under

<div id="job-description">

add the following lines

{if $socialurl != NULL}
<br />
          <div id="socialjob">
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}&Title={$socialtitle}" title="blinklist" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}&title={$socialtitle}" title="delicious" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}" title="digg" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}" title="facebook" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}&t={$socialtitle}" title="furl" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}&title={$socialtitle}" title="googlebookmarks" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}&title={$socialtitle}" title="magnolia" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}" title="mixx" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}&t={$socialtitle}" title="yahoo! my web" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}&title={$socialtitle}" title="reddit" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}&title={$socialtitle}" title="stumbleupon" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}" title="technorati" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}" title="twitter" target="_blank"></a>
          <a class="sociallink" href="{$socialurl}&top=1" title="windows live" target="_blank"></a>

that should do it.


Code School

  1. Where should I see this?

  2. hi, when you click on the job, it should display after the job description and before the ‘apply’ button.

  3. It isnt work, im not seeing it come up?

  4. the bookmark appears at the bottom of the job ad


    Still can’t get it working please look at my test site. Would like to se it working but got not a clue what to do.


  6. Sorry but I’ve already fixed it. I’ve missed this small piece in translations.ini

    tags =”Tags”
    tags_warning = “Separate each tags by comma or space”

  7. Notice: Undefined property: Job::$mMySqlDate in /home/w9707326/domains/ on line 118

    Notice: Undefined property: Job::$mIsSpotlight in /home/w9707326/domains/ on line 125

    Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object in /home/w9707326/domains/ on line 1185

    These are the current errors I’m receiving when posting a job on my test site. Note I’ve also tried to make social bookmarking to work maybe It’s conflicting with that faile instalation

  8. Sorry bur my last two posts are wrong placed. They shoulld go here.
    I am sorry for the inconvenience

  9. hey Redjumpsuit,

    Sorry for all my posts but i’ve got this working thanks for this add on

  10. Just thought you should know, this works in 1.8

  11. Nope..this code will break if you try to edit job url structure. Will need a small tweak.

  12. Lost my css styling after following steps.. What happened

  13. edited wroong css and replaced admin css code for main css file.. This is a trick for novices..

  14. Excellent work.. Got it working.. Thanks for the help.. one comment would to add more detail for the file paths.. for novices like me

    ie there are two .cc files for Admin and the default and djob-details

  15. You should add the attr rel=’nofollow’ for all of those links. Great tip though, I will be adding this once my install is done.

  16. I have followed all the steps but I am not getting it. When i roll my mousee over the space where it should be placed it shows all the links but the buttons are not visible.

  17. just duplicate the photo field and apply the same changes as for the 1 upload field.

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