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jobberBase v1.8 with 4 Major Add-Ons

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Run a feature-packed job board website and take advantage of jobberBase’s growing open source community. With these 4 major add-ons (Applicant Login, Company Login, Sub-Categories, Email Subscription) combined together and integrated to a vanilla jobberBase v1.8 installation, you can launch a job board website in minutes with the features and functionality like that of a professional job board site. Also included in this upgraded version is the Social Bookmarks and Category Jobs Filter.

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jobberBase 1.8 with add-ons

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Sites using these add-ons:

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  1. Hello there, I am interested in your Jobberbase 1.8 with all 4 major add ons. I just have a quick question, apparently Jobberbase 1.9 is just around the corner, do you think that these add ons could cause upgrade problems?

    Kind regards


  2. the upcoming release will only have a couple of fixes and upgraded version of the add-ons will be provided. as there is no automated upgrade for jobberBase, the add-ons upgrade will come on a vanilla jobberBase v1.9 installation.

  3. I have de 1.9 dev instalation. Does it work with it ?

  4. Ready for 1.9 yet?

  5. could you install the paypal hack for me. willing to pay. Thanks

  6. yes, do these work on 1.9 yet??

  7. I am use jobberbase for my website, where we advertise tenders and business opportunities in my country. I would like to find out if there is a module that I can embed in my which will restrict user access to the website content. I need users to register/subscribe, and only such users can access the posts.

    Any luck?

  8. I am wanting the company login section for the 1.9version. Has this been done yet?

  9. When will you release this module for ver 1.9.1?

  10. Does this work in 1.9.1?

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